Please share your thoughts about Cobb Mtn. Elementary School with us so we can better improve your child's experience.
I have __ children at Cobb Mountain Elementary School. (optional question)

I feel like I am part of this school. (Parents feel welcome to participate). *

I am happy to be at this school. *

I feel close to people at this school. *

My child/children are in ____ grade. (optional question)

The next three questions are about academics.

My child/children is/are being academically challenged. *

The teachers and staff help me assist my child/children *

The next four questions have to do with school safety.

School staff takes parent concerns seriously. *

I feel secure having my child/children at school. *

I trust the teachers and staff at school. *

I feel comfortable having my child/children use the bus. *

These five questions have to do with communication.

The source of information about school I use most is/are __________. *

Teachers at this school communicate with parents about what students are expected to learn. *

I have been notified of school policies and procedures. *

Teachers and staff are accessible. *

I know how to get my questions answered. *

We'd like to know how you feel about the social and emotional support available at our school.

I feel safe at my child’s/children’s school. *

The teachers and staff treat students fairly and with respect. *

I am aware of the resources available at school. *

Please describe what you see as the strengths of Cobb Mountain Elementary School. *

Please make any suggestions you think would improve our school. *

Thank you for your input! We'll do our best to incorporate your suggestions into our program.

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